The Hill Hub

New Co-Working & Private Offices in Dartford

About The Hill Hub
The Hill Hub is based in a Grade II listed building which was formerly the old Dartford Police Station. There is a mixture of 16 private offices and 22 co-working desks. The space includes two private meeting rooms, which can be booked at short notice. Refreshments are available in the breakout tea area or can be purchased directly from the Justice Café on the ground floor.

The Hill Hub welcomes all types of businesses and ambitious companies that are seeking a supportive community. The Hill Hub has designed its workspace to be vibrant and open in order to create a positive working environment.

What makes The Hill Hub unique is the fact they have created an Incubation Program and Business Development Program which is designed to help The Hill Hub’s clients grow their businesses. Training, workshops, mentoring and seminars are a few of the many prospects the program has to offer.